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Travel can take us far on land, but experiences take us even further in imagination. We believe journeys are made up of the small moments – the haunting tunes of a local song, the enticing smells of a spice market, the sunset during a jungle safari or the brilliant light of a thousand diyas at the bank of an ancient river. Our love for travel has led us into the furthest corners of the region to capture and curate such experiences for you. From the intimate to the grand, from the colourful to the cultural, from the slow-paced to the adrenaline-pumping

Introducing “Engaging Journeys, Crafted by Creative.”

Each of these exclusive journeys has been crafted by our team with precision and care, based on a distinct area of interest. We offer experiences that you would seldom fine anywhere else. These come from our strong legacy in the travel industry, spanning over 40 years, and exclusive agreements with various experts and hosts who will accompany you through the journey for a truly immersive experience.

Who are We?

We our Creative Travel, a family-owned business that has today grown into one of the region’s most prominent, respected and independent Destination Management Companies – with a history of excellence since 1977, spanning 6 countries, 64 international and national awards and a network all over the Indian sub-continent, We are proud to be the purveyors of the finest experiences, cultural immersions and natural wonders all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Tibet & the Maldives, and are today India's largest family-owned destination management company.

Check out our unique interest-based journeys below or contact us for a customised itinerary.

If you need more information, please feel free to reach out to us at crafted@creative.travel

Best wishes and Have a Creative Day !

Rohit Kohli Joint Managing Director

The Essence

  • Unique itineraries - exclusive, carefully crafted interest-based Journeys
  • Led by expert resources, celebrated in their fields of expertise
  • Small intimate groups of likeminded people from across the world with never more than 12 couples
  • Guaranteed journey operation with minimum 2 guests
  • Comprehensive inclusions like cultural interactions with locals & authentic local cuisine
  • Accommodation in personally selected deluxe properties
  • Surprise gifts and group photographs for all guests

The Journeys

  • September 2019

    Mind, Body & Soul of India

    From the ancient land of rituals and traditions come two practices which have become popular the world over – Yoga and Ayurveda. 

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  • September, 2019

    The Emperor’s Table

    In this journey, you will learn about various cuisines, the art of cooking them and enjoy them with the locals. You will visit the “Wine capital of India,” Nasik to take a tour of a vineyard and enjoy wine tasting and pairing.

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  • November, 2019

    The Camel & Cultural Extravaganza

    In this journey, explore the cultural delights of three of India’s most iconic cities – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – along with the colourful Pushkar Fair, the largest cattle fair in the world.

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  • December, 2019

    The Big Fat Indian Wedding

    This tour will give you an insight into the religion and culture of India along with the chance to attend a big fat Indian wedding. Join a real couple's wedding to witness the celebrations and preparations and know more about the various rituals and cultures of an Indian family wedding.

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  • November-December, 2019

    Glamping & the Royals

    In this journey, experience camel, elephant and jeep safaris, live in tented accommodations, relax and enjoy the splendid views of the mountains.

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  • August, 2019

    Perahera, The Festival of Tooth

    During this journey, you get to experience the vibrant cultures, traditions and religions of India that have enthralled the world for years.

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  • October 2019

    Tales of Indian Brew

    This tour gives an insight into the tea plantations and production of India along with an exclusive tea tasting session.

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  • October 2019

    The Mighty Goddess and Dussehra

    The intriguing diversities of India are nowhere represented more alluringly than in the festivals of the country. This immersive journey is the chance to witness two aspects of a festival that is celebrated in myriad forms and colours across the country.

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  • September 2019

    The Zen Masters

    Witness the magic and majesty of Nepal in this specially curated journey as you enjoy warm Newari hospitality and travel through some of the most significant towns, exploring historic temples and monasteries

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  • October 2019

    Home Grown

    This trip is specially designed for an eco-friendly, low-impact visit to some of the most pristine and undisturbed areas of the magnificent Himalayas

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  • March 2020

    The Weavers of India

    On this incredible journey, you get to meet and interact with local artisans, craftsmen and weavers to learn more about their art; visit colourful markets; dine with royalty and immerse in the entire cultural extravaganza that is India.

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  • January-February, 2020

    An Indian Art Affair

    This journey also includes a Bollywood tour, where you can learn all about the glamourous Indian film industry, what goes behind shooting a film and the traditional Bollywood dance moves.

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  • March, 2020

    Multi Hues of India

    This immersive journey brings alive the deep spirituality and religious diversity of the country, set around the colourful celebrations of Holi.

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